Aspen:Barcelona needs to clean 9 people + reduce wages by 160 million euros, has warned that if they

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"Aspen News" reported that in the case of more than half of the transfer window, Barcelona also hopes to introduce 2 more players, and their...

                   "Aspen News" reported that in the case of more than half of the transfer window, Barcelona also hopes to introduce 2 more players, and their current lineup has been oversized by 7 people. Barcelona also hopes to reduce the team salary from 560 million euros to 400 million euros. They have warned the redundant staff who do not intend to leave the team: if they stay in the team, they will probably not have a jersey number.
                   The media pointed out that the Barcelona first team currently has 32 people, while La Liga only allows 25 people to register. At the same time, Barcelona also hopes to sign at least 2 new aids. Their previous targets were Cesar Azpilicueta and Marcos Alonso, but now that the former has been renewed, the latter may not be able to join. Barcelona have not ruled out signing the B seat. This also means that Barcelona needs to clean up at least 9 redundant players.
                   With the addition of Lewandowski, Casey, Rafinha, Conde and the renewal of Dembele's contract, Barcelona has won a big victory in signings. But they've struggled to deal with departing players, with only 10 days left until the new season begins.
                    Harvey has already delineated the candidates for leaving the team in May. Only Lenglet, Phuket and Mingesa are willing to leave the team, and everyone else hopes to fulfill their high-paying contracts. Barcelona has therefore warned redundant players: If they are unwilling to leave the team, they will not have a jersey number and will not be able to play in the new season.

Barcelona's current lineup redundancy:
                   Goalkeeper: Fourth goalkeeper Arnauternas was evaluating offers last year, but there is no contract salary that can match his current Barcelona salary.
                   Defenders: At present, there are as many as 9 people. At the same time, Xavi also hopes to sign 2 more people, that is, Barcelona is likely to have 11 defenders. Umtiti is clearly the No. 1 departure, but his physical condition puts off potential buyers. If Alonso can be signed, Dest will likely leave the team.
                   Midfielder: Phuket has officially announced his departure from the team, and the remaining 9 players will compete for 3 starting positions. Torre is also in the first team, Corrado seems to know that he will be loaned out, and Pjanic's retention may seem to be higher than Nico.
                    Striker: Braithwaite refuses to leave the team, no offer can convince him. And Depay has recently become a hotly debated figure, and his No. 9 jersey has been worn on the new aid Lewandowski.
                     "Aspen News" finally concluded that Barcelona urgently needs to reduce the current salary of 560 million euros to 400 million euros, but there are not many next players willing to take over Barcelona's redundant staff.